What is Digifit?

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Digifit™ Connect inserts directly into the dock connector of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With Digifit Connect, the Digifit™ Ecosystem apps and ANT+ sensors, your device becomes a heart rate monitor and fitness & health computer.

Digifit™ Apps

Digifit, iCardio™, iRunner™, iBiker™, iSpinner™ and iPower™ are available in the app store and work with the Digifit Connect transceiver. The Digifit Free App requires $14.99 upgrade to Full (Advanced) Functionality to be compatible with Digifit Connect. The Digifit apps are universal, which means you can load the apps onto your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as long as these devices are connected to your iTunes account.
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Digifit Connect

Digifit Connect is a wireless transceiver that collects data from a variety of ANT+ fitness & health sensors. Such sensors include: heart rate monitors, foot pods, cycling speed and cadence sensors, as well as power meters. It connects to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad through the dock connector and communicates with sensors using ANT+ technology. Buy Now


ANT+ is the leading standard for ultra low power wireless personal area networks. Top athletes use ANT+ sensors, including 9 out of 10 Tour de France riders, due to its ability to create interference free communication between sensors and display devices. Along with Digifit, nearly 250 other companies belong to the ANT+ alliance which provides interoperable products and services.


Digifit Connect is compatible with over 80 ANT+ interoperable sensors including: heart belts, foot pods, speed & cadence, power (WATTS) and weight scales made by various brands. Such brands include: Adidas, Garmin, Bontrager, CycleOps, Timex, Quarc and many more. Buy Now

Mounting Solutions

Digifit offers a variety of mounting solutions for your rides, runs and cardio activity. Whether indoors or out, exercise comfortably with your iPod touch or iPhone while using Digifit to track your workout data.
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Digifit is teaming up with Spinning, TrainingPeaks and New Leaf Fitness to provide the best fitness & health experience. Collaboration with brands like Spinning and StarTrac bring you cadence data on the iPhone. Incorporate customized zones and TruCal formula based on a New Leaf metabolic assessment, or upload your workout data to TrainingPeaks.

Share Your Data

View all of your Digifit fitness and training data at eNewLeaf and TrainingPeaks by uploading post workout summaries with the tap of a button. Uploading your data has never been easier. Soon, you’ll be sharing your workout summary with Facebook, Twitter and more.